Monday, 1 February 2010

More Snow..........

Wow - the first day of February already! We woke up this morning to pure blue skies, sunshine .......... and a sprinkling of snow. As we live at the top of a hill it snows here while down in the town they just have rain. The cold weather just doesn't want to leave us this year.

We have been feeding the birds for some years now and at the moment they seem hungrier than ever. There are chaffinches. blackbirds and robins in the garden at the moment. I notice the male blackbirds and robins are getting quite aggressive now, so I guess they know spring is on its way!!!! The snowdrops are coming out as well - always a welcome sight.

It is my aim this year to get organised. In fact 'Organise' is my key word for 2010. Our son was married in October 2008, and our daughter in October last year. I feel as if now they are both settled in their own homes and are both happy, I can get on with my life. I was struck with the need to sort through all my cupboards and cubbyholes and recycle everything I don't use to make way for new projects. I started well but two weeks ago i was struck down with severe back pain that kept me virtually chair bound. At last it's getting more manageable and I can slowly pick up where I left off.

In the mean time I can knit and sew a bit and have made a jacket and bootees for our number two grandson. The desire to organise has spread to my hobbies as well as the house and I have a list of things to be finished. I am currently working on a Hanne Falkenburg jacket. I've not much more to do so aim to have it completed by next weekend.

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