Monday, 29 March 2010

Sleeve Board Cover and Bunny

It's been a wet and dreary day today! We woke to rain, had a brief respite and now the rain is back heavier than before! I took advantage of the drier interlude this morning to do a bit of tidying in the garden; but since lunch I have been pottering in the house. I did get round to making a new cover for the sleeve board. The old one had rotted right through - though I had never replaced it so it has lasted since 1967!!! I suppose I shouldn't grumble!

The other thing I wanted to post is this picture of a rabbit I bought at the Country Living Spring Fair. I had fallen in love with him on the publicity for the Fair and couldn't have come home without him - although he was rather expensive! I shall have to be very good for a while to make up. He was sold by Plum and Ivory and is filled with dried lavender so he smells wonderful. If you get a chance check out their internet site. They have some lovely things.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Back at last!

At last I am able to return to my blog. I have missed it over the past few weeks - but I've not been completely idle. I have finished this Teddy for number 2 grandson. It is knitted to a Debbie Bliss pattern in Baby Cashmerino and I shall give it to him on Easter Sunday when it's egg time. Number 2 grandson is just three and a half months old, so too young for chocolate! My husband says he's nothing like a teddy; and I agree, it's rather an unusual shape, but loveable none the less and at least he is smiling!!

I have also made a cushion for a cane chair I picked up for a song. It is very comfortable and is good for days when my back is particularly painful.

Last Friday my daughter and I went to the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington. Oh, how I wish we could have brought everything back home. There were so many beautiful things to look at. Among the goodies I did bring home is this tablecloth and two chair cushions. They are so pretty on my garden table. This little table and two chairs are on the terrace outside the kitchen where it is very sheltered and catches the morning sun. It is an ideal spot for morning coffee in the cooler months, while in the summer it is shaded and so when the sun is at its height we can use this smaller table for lunch and afternoon tea.

I also bought this plant pot holder at the Fair and it is hanging on the wall outside the front door. This afternoon we visited our local garden centre where they have so many beautiful polyanthus plants. Not everyone likes these bold colours but after the long cold winter we have had this year I felt I needed cheering up and these certainly do the trick.

And they complement the polys in this old sink that also stands in front of the house.

My latest project is a knitted doorstop and when it is finished - hopefully later this week - I shall post a photo.