Sunday, 18 November 2012

An addition and a Sockfest

Firstly I have to tell you about an wonderful addition we have welcomed to our family! She arrived in the post, somewhat wearied by her journey from France and her name is Mademoiselle Jardin du Printemps. Mademoiselle was made for me by the lovely Stephanie with a delightful blog, Millefeuilles. Do pop over and say hello and look at all her other lovely Mademoiselles on her etsy shop. Stephanie is a very accomplished needlewoman. Mademoiselle is adorned with beautiful embroidery on her ear and her ankle.

After her long and tiring journey she needed a reviving glass of rouge but she was much happier and more relaxed after she had finished it!

Come the summer she is anxious to go up to the summer house but for the moment she is happy to be with us in the house.

Recently I've had a lot of fun knitting socks - they're great for transforming my icy toes into cosy toes. I started off quite a while ago with this pair in a dusty pink -

The next pair are Roger socks that are knitted in Drops Fabel......

.......and lastly I have made these strawbs socks by coopknits   that turned out to be easier than they look. I do like a challenge!

I'm sorry the photos are net so good but the light was horrid and I dashed outside in a few moments of hazy sunshine.