Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Knit Pro Needles......

For some while now I have been lusting over the sets of Knit Pro needles - you know - you get several pairs of needle ends in different sizes and several cords, so you can mix and match to make circular needles of different size needles and different length cords. Having been extra Scrooge-like this month I felt justified in treating myself. Looking on the net for prices I chose to order from Bicester Wools. Not only was their price good, but also they were highly recommended by one of the ladies in our WI.

This morning the package arrived; and for once the postman was early. Like a kid with a Christmas stocking I couldn't wait to open the envelope.....and wow I wasn't disappointed! I chose to get the needles from the symphonie range. These have a multicoloured marbled finish - a bit like the marbled paper you find in old books. I'd been a bit worried that coloured yarn might not be that easy to see against the coloured tips but I've been assured that this isn't a problem. Time will tell as later on I shall test them out..........

.......I've tried my new needles and they're brilliant! The old circular needle I've been using is annoying because the yarn catches on the join between the needle ends and the cord and the long plastic cord twists and gets in the way. The new cord is much softer and is much easier to use and the join between the cord and the tips is completely smooth. I'm one happy customer! Having criticised the old needle I dread to think how old it is. I inherited knitting needles from both my mother and my mother-in-law and they must have inherited some in their turn. I guess the old needle had seen some action. I wonder what stories old knitting needles would tell if they could speak.

This afternoon was the monthly meeting of our WI. Each month we have a competition that is judged by the speaker. We had been asked to take in something purple and I decided to take some cushion covers I made a couple of years ago. For the first time ever I won first prize!!! I feel ridiculously pleased with myself. Need to be brought back down to earth!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on winning! And with something you made a while ago - can't be bad! :-)

    Well done on setting up your new blog too.

  2. The cushion is just gorgeous, love those rich colours. Well deserved win I reckon :o)