Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Primula and Almond and Pistachio Cookies

Well, it's another grey day today! A quick peep of sunshine would cheer us all up now, wouldn't it? We went down to the garden centre this morning. Flowerland is just wonderful. As soon as you get through the entrance you are greeted with the mixed fragrances from the scented candles, bath bombs, hand made soaps, etc. It's all so pretty and enticing its almost impossible not to treat yourself (I guess that's the idea!). I bought four bath bombs so I could bring some of the scents home! Once you move through to the conservatory and beyond the eyes can feast on all the brightly coloured plants. I bought half a dozen primula plants for the window box under the dining room window. The pots and window boxes are all looking so sad after the snow and cold weather.

They really all need refreshing but I need to take things a bit slowly as I have been all but housebound over the past couple of weeks with horrendous back pain. I don't want to rush at jobs and make it worse again.

Having treated myself to the bath bombs and the plants, and bearing in mind things generally come in threes (or so they say), I decided a third treat was a must. What to have? I settled on almond and pistachio cookies. If you've not tried these, you really should......

You need -
  • 3 oz Butter
  • 3 oz Granulated Sugar
  • 3 oz Brown Sugar
  • 1 Capful Almond Essence
  • 1 egg
  • 6 oz SR Flour
  • 6 oz Mixed Pistachios and Flaked Almonds

Zizz butter, sugars and essence in processor. Zizz in egg. Transfer to mixing bowl. Fold in flour and nuts.

Drop spoonfuls of mixture on a baking sheet (I always line with baking parchment) and bake at 180 for around 10 minutes Keep an eye on them and remove form the oven when they are golden brown.

If you don't have a food processor just cream the butter, sugars and essence and then beat in the egg. I'm sorry I don't know the gas setting. I've always been an electric person!!

Cool and store in an air tight tin.

I love these cake tins from M&S. I love the chickens. They are really bright and make me smile every time I see them!!

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