Thursday, 19 August 2010

For number two grandson and adventures with a crochet hook

I haven't been too lazy on the knitting front recently and have finished two jackets for our 8 month old number two grandson.

The first one is an aran pattern from Sirdar. I chose Rowan Pure Wool DK in navy blue for this and I've made it in the 12 - 18 months size. Number two is a big lad for his age and there's no point in making something he will grow out of within a few weeks.

Navy Aran Jacket
I took this second photo to show the pattern detail. The colour is a true navy, as in the first piccie, not this paler colour!!

Cable detail
Secondly I made a little jacket in Corilana from Black Hills lovely friendly shop in Henley on Thames. The jacket is 1 - 2 years and I think it looks enormous but we'll see.....

I want to get some more of this yarn to make a hat to go with it. I think it should be nice and cosy for the autumn. Of course if I'm right and it is too big it may be autumn 2012!!!!

This afternoon I've been nursing my oh so sore back. Having spent yesterday staggering around as little as possible with a walking stick. I saw the osteopath this morning and although it's better than it was, it's still quite sore. I decided to spend some time playing with some yarn and a crocket hook. I have been following Suz's inspirational blog and tried her spike stitch motif.

Suz has started a spike stitch group on ravelry with a Friday project. The first is to make a cushion cover using a spike stitch design and she has given instructions.

This is my first attempt............

My first spike stitch motif
My poor camera seems to be having an attack of taking out of focus piccies. Think I need to put a new one on my Christmas list!!

Off to do some more knitting...........


    1st one l've seen that's been made from the instructions!
    Was it easy to follow?
    looks brill and love the colours
    Hugs Suz x

  2. oh sorry to hear about the poor back hope it feels a bit better tomorrow
    Hugs Suz x

  3. I love the little toggle buttons on the grey jacket - they remind me of my school duffle coat!

  4. Hello there! Just found your blog via Josiekitten! I love the little grey 'toggled' jacket. What pattern did you use? I'd love to make it! Ros

  5. Snoopy - the pattern is also from Black Hills. It's the Tui jacket on this page -

    It really is so simple but sometimes it is good to have a project that you can achieve without too much concentration. I'm always multitasking (is that a word?) so this can be made while watching the telly or whatever!