Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Back Home

We are now back in the UK having had a good trip away. The sun shone, the temperature rose to uncomfortable levels and that limited what could be achieved outdoors. We also had visitors - our son, daughter-in-law and number 2 grandson. Number 2 gs was six and a half months old and an utter delight. It felt really good being able to hold him and cuddle him, and to drink in his scent. I'd forgotten just how the scent of a baby has such a strong affect. We felt we really got to know him during their visit.
Bet you can't do this!

Still in his pjs - enjoying an early morning cuddle with his grandma.
A very happy and contented baby, he has a ready smile and his giggles melt the hearts of anyone who met him. Of course, the French are very family orientated and so he basked in all the admiration. We went for lots of walks and had a lovely picnic by the lake in Bagnoles de l'Orne.

Playing by the lake in Bagnoles
Bagnoles Lake

 We also visited St Frambault - known for it's fantastic floral displays.

Enjoying his first ever ice cream

After they had left we piled in the car and headed west for a couple of nights staying in beautiful Vannes in southern Brittany.

Vannes Town

The old town entrance

The waterfront

On our second day we ventured further west to Concarneau. It was our first visit here - so we had plenty see!

Old town
We loved the planting down the middle of the dual carriage way along the front. I guess these wouldn't have won the Tour de France!!!! Great fun, though!

I also managed to get on with a couple of projects, but I'll tell you about these next time!!!!

Take care!

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