Monday, 29 March 2010

Sleeve Board Cover and Bunny

It's been a wet and dreary day today! We woke to rain, had a brief respite and now the rain is back heavier than before! I took advantage of the drier interlude this morning to do a bit of tidying in the garden; but since lunch I have been pottering in the house. I did get round to making a new cover for the sleeve board. The old one had rotted right through - though I had never replaced it so it has lasted since 1967!!! I suppose I shouldn't grumble!

The other thing I wanted to post is this picture of a rabbit I bought at the Country Living Spring Fair. I had fallen in love with him on the publicity for the Fair and couldn't have come home without him - although he was rather expensive! I shall have to be very good for a while to make up. He was sold by Plum and Ivory and is filled with dried lavender so he smells wonderful. If you get a chance check out their internet site. They have some lovely things.

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